Shopping for top designers is always a treat, but many of them include additional features that go well past the items themselves. People love Louis Vuitton and their handbags because they offer some of the best and most fabulous items on the market. However, many are surprised to learn that their purchase comes with some extra goodies thanks to the brand’s signature luxury packaging.

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Let’s explore everything you need to know about the LV packaging box set!

What Makes Louis Vuitton Packaging So Great?

When you shop for this designer, you can always expect an immediate upgrade to your collection, no matter what you get. Their luxury items are a treasure all on their own, but they also come with something else–custom packaging.

This gorgeous three-piece set ensures that your purchase arrives in style. There are many practical benefits that come with this packaging, but the first is that it is made for you! Created with a unique style and incredible materials, this packaging set was made to protect your new bag and to help it stay looking great throughout the years too.

Exploring the Three-Piece Packaging System

Shopping for a designer bag is a special kind of thrill, and it only gets better when the bag arrives in equally great packaging. There is something so special about the unwrapping process after you buy a new luxury bag. With each purchase from Louis Vuitton, you are immediately treated to a beautiful gift that looks as great as the items inside.

Let’s take a look at the three main components of this system.

The Gift Bag

The Gift Bag

Viewing it from the outside, your new purchase will be delivered in the first layer of defense that their products offer: The Gift Bag.

This classic bag is styled like a traditional gift bag, but it is made with very sturdy materials. Most importantly, these gift bags come in the designer’s signature saffron color with blue text. Recognisable from a far, this beautiful bag announces to the world that you are in possession of an official LV item.

Although the bag may be made to look like a classic gift bag with its shape and handles, which are made with blue ribbon, it is anything but your standard gift bag. This high-quality alternative is easy to fold up and is made with impressive materials that can last through the ages.

The Gift Box

The Gift Box

Once you reach inside your gift bag, you will find a Gift Box.

Styled in a way that matches the gift bag, this box is another beautiful layer of defense for your new purchase. Made with the company’s signature saffron and blue combination, it is impossible to miss.

Like the gift bag, Louis Vuitton’s unique gift box is made with exceptional quality. Designed with surprisingly durable materials and with excellent structure, it can keep any purchase safe in most standard circumstances. Whether you buy products online or in person, this box will make sure they stay in good condition.

Built in a signature rectangle design that unfolds to unveil the gift within, it is sized to perfection. Offering a perfect outer layer to allow your purchase to keep its shape, this gift box was made to protect the structure and integrity of the items inside.

The Dust Bag

The Dust Bag

After you unfold the gift box, you will reveal the third and final layer of the packaging–the Dust Bag.

These signature bags have changed throughout the years, with their most recent upgrade arriving in 2016. In today’s model, they offer a cream backdrop with the logo written in blue. Soft to the touch yet made to last through the years, this dust bag, which repels dust and debris, keeps your purchase safely wrapped until you are ready to use it. Providing protection from the sun, humidity, and dry air, it is essential to keep these bags!

The Benefits of Louis Vuitton Packaging

Every purchase from this designer comes with this incredible packaging, and there are quite a few reasons for that. Here is what you get with this three-piece system!

Superior Protection

Since there are three layers to keep your new purchase safe, you can rest easy knowing that your items are protected. It doesn’t matter if the items are being shipped to you or you are carrying them home from the store–these features protect against dirt, debris, and physical damage too.

Lasting Storage

The bags and boxes that come with your purchase are not made as single-use items. Instead, it is highly encouraged to keep these storage devices so you can store your bags safely when they are not in use. Since they are made with high-quality materials, you can allow your favorite items to rest in their original packaging for years on end. This is a sustainable storage solution for your closet.

A True Sense of Luxury

Although there are many reasons to enjoy this packaging, there is also a fun one–it adds to the sense of luxury. When high-quality items come in premium packaging, it is just another way for luxury brands to highlight the value of what is inside. These bags are beautiful and made well, just like the items they protect. In fact, keeping your official Louis Vuitton bags in their original packaging can increase their value over time!

Shop Louis Vuitton With GlobItems!

With every changing season, Louis Vuitton gives us new items to look forward to, and their original products continue to hold their value. At GlobItems, we are proud to offer the best bags from this designer, including the original packaging that they come with. When you shop with us, your bags will always arrive in true designer style.

To learn more about Louis Vuitton or to shop the best items from their collections, visit us at GlobItems today. We are proud to help you find lasting luxury items that match your closet!

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