The Lady 95.22 Small White Leather Bag

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Size: 26cm × 15cm × 8cm
Brand: Dior
Color: White/Beige
Made in Italy.
Comes with box and dust bag.

Meet Dior The Lady 95.22 Small White Leather Bag in a captivating White/Beige hue. Showcased in Dior’s 2022-2023 autumn-winter collection, this bag is a modern tribute to the iconic Lady Dior, bridging the gap between 1995, when the original made its mark, and 2022, its contemporary rebirth.
Dive into its allure:
• The campaign, artfully captured by Brigitte Lacombe, celebrates a spectrum of powerful women. From different walks of life, they radiate independence and share an unbreakable bond of sisterhood.
• Its design is a testament to elegance. The modern, curved silhouette in White/Beige is undeniably eye-catching. The handles, adorned with leather and metal, bear the signature “Dior” charms, echoing the brand’s rich heritage.
• The iconic cannage design is its defining feature. This intricate pattern, hand-selected leather, and a unique motif technique set the bag apart. Add a versatile strap and reimagined charms to that, and you have a piece of art.
But beyond its beauty, it’s the craftsmanship that stands out. Every stitch and every nuance reflects Dior’s unwavering commitment to excellence. THE LADY 95.22 BAG, especially in its White/Beige hue, is more than an accessory; it’s a statement for the modern, discerning woman.

1 review for The Lady 95.22 Small White Leather Bag

  1. Charlotte

    I am in love with the design and the feel of this handbag. It’s a statement piece for sure! So happy that I found it here as nowhere possible to buy!

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